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  Top » Catalog » Ardunio Area » FDKS1602
2A Motor Shield For Arduino 2 Output 2A  Product 6 of 15 in category Ardunio Area  Arduino Starter Kit for Ardublock

Funduino LCD 1602 Keypad Shield Arduino

Funduino LCD 1602 Keypad Shield Arduino
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Price $8.75 
Model FDKS1602
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For Ardu LCD1602 character LCD expansion board , PCB processing technology, materials and full motherboard with a brand new high quality 2- line 16 -character LCD, not only has the contrast knob, backlight selector switch, also with four direction keys, select a key and a reset button; This 1602 LCD expansion board will simplify the circuit in the true sense of the direct plug this board For Arduino Duemilanove controller can .



module size: 20.5mm × 41mm

module Weight: 60g


1602 character LCD Profile

The 1602LCD main technical parameters:

1. Capacity: display

2. Chip working voltage: 4.5 - 5 . 5V

3. Operating current: 0mA (5 . 0V)

4. Modules operating voltage: 5 0V

5. Character size: 2 95 × 4 35 (W x H) mm


Pin Function Description:


1602LCD using standard 14 feet (no backlight) or 16 feet (with backlight) interface, pin interface description


Following table: 

LCD Keypad Shield 1602 LCD For Ardu MEGA 2560 1280 UNO R3 MEGA 2560 MEGA1280

1 The VSS power ground 9 D2 data

2 VDD positive power supply 10 D3 data

3 VL LCD bias

4 RS data / command select 12 D5 data

5 R / W read / write select 13 D6 data

6 E enable signal

7 D0 data the 15 BLA backlight source positive

8 D1 data the 16 BLK backlight negative

1 foot: VSS ground power.

2 feet: VDD connected to the the 5V positive supply.

3 feet: VL for the LCD display contrast adjustment terminal connected to the positive power supply contrast weakest ground when contrast

Highest contrast is too high will produce " ghosting " , used by a 10K potentiometer to adjust the contrast.

4 feet: RS register select, select the data register, high and low, select the instruction register.

5 Foot: R / W for read and write signal line, a high read operation, the low write operation. When RS

and R / W can be written instructions or display the address, when RS for the low-levelR / W

Busy signal can be read, when RS high R / W is low can be written.

6 feet: E -side to enable end, When E Duanyou high jump goes low, the LCD module execute command.

7 to 14 feet: D0 to D7 for 8 -bit bi-directional data line.

15 feet: backlight positive.

16 feet: backlight negative.

Funduino LCD 1602 Keypad Shield Arduino
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Funduino LCD 1602 Keypad Shield Arduino
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Funduino LCD 1602 Keypad Shield Arduino
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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 12 March, 2013.
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